Al Haramain Institute is actively looking for enthusiastic partners to help achieve its vision to spiritually develop the muslim community through strengthening their relationship with the Qur’an.

Al Haramain Institute is currently working with leading educational experts and consultants based in the UK and abroad. We are focused on finding partners for the Institute’s pioneering Al Haramain Institute/Schools Projects.

This unique project will involve the opening of a number of educational Qur’an centres across the breadth of the UK, providing the Muslim community with much-needed and valuable facilities. These include modern technologically advanced teaching options infused into classical teaching content and methods. This will be achieved through the unique Al Haramain Institute Syllabus for children and adults. The Centres will also provide monthly seminars on various Qur’an related topics for the local community.
These opportunities are ideal for educational centres/schools, local community centres or Mosques, who have class room facilities and office space available

If you would like more information regarding the partner opportunities available with the Al Haramain Institute, please email.

[email protected]

Our Partners