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Al Haramain Institute provides unique educational Qur’an Learning Courses in Britain, both for children and adults respectively. These are personally supervised by our director and the Imams from the land of the Haramain themselves.

The Institute aims to truly lead the way in the UK with its dedication to professionalism, organisation and quality. To further enhance the teaching and learning experience through technological enhancement, the Qur’an Instructors will be meticulously selected and will have specialist training provided by UK based professionals and the Imams from Makkah / Madinah.

Upon successful completion of each programme with us, our students will be certified by an Imam of Madinah and senior Qur’an expert from Masjid An Nabawi (the Prophets Mosque) and shall have the opportunity of obtaining Ijazahs (licences) on the programme path they choose to take.

Al Haramain
Institute for Adults

The recitation of the Qur’an should be fundamental in the daily lives of Muslims, whether as individuals, families or communities. There are many institutions for children within Britain, yet there are only a few for adults. Furthermore, in terms of those which solely dedicate to Qur’an or provide quality teaching are even fewer.

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Al Haramain Madrasah and Qur’an Schools for Children

These schools endeavor to benefit the children of today; the future generation of the Muslims in Britain. Our vision for these schools is producing our very own world renowned Qur’an Recitors in Britain.

Tangible role models are vital for children to model themselves

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Specialist Educational

The Institute aims to provide specialist tailor made educational programmes for English speaking students to equip them with the tools of becoming qualified, skilled teachers and disseminators of knowledge.

Together with advice from learned scholars from Makkah and Madinah.....

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