Iftar Event Programme & Dinner

Al Haramain Institute Iftar Gatherings promise to be great events consisting of short Emaan boosting lectures, Nasheeds by world renowned Nasheed artists such as Castillo and Omar Esa, heart melting Qur'an recitation by high esteemed Qur'an recitors including the son of Imam Haram Shaykh Muhammad Ayoub, Special Du'a by the teacher of Qira'ah from Masjid An Nabawi & Imam of Masjid Al Qiblatain, Madina Al Munawara and much more!.

The event will also offer a free mouth watering 3 course banquet Iftar dinner (table seated & serviced) in support of charity.

Spectacular events not to be missed. The event will host and cater for hundreds of Muslims gathered under one roof to break their fast together in the blessed month of Ramadhaan with a luxurious Iftar dinner. These events will be exquisite events with the noble aim in building bonds, raising awareness and funds for the poor and needy around the world. Book your Free Seats Now!!

Event Itinerary & Menu



Please note although entry and food is provided for free, we require all attendants to reserve their seats online to ensure that bookings do not exceed the hall capacity.
Book your places now. Failure to book your attendance in advance may result in refusal of entry.